Upcoming Women's Workshops

Workshops are a place to experiment, to enter into a spirit of curiosity and self-kindness,

to remember our deepest, most creative selves, and tune in to what lights us up.


          All workshops combine teaching, embodied practices, and writing experiments.                   

And take place over zoom -- for now.


Below, you'll find 2 hour one-off workshops as well as more intimate, ongoing workshops.

The Healing Power of Pleasure

Workshop - Sun, March 13

Pleasure heals and brings us into the present moment. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, it's hard to remember what brings us pleasure. In this two hour webinar over zoom, we'll dive into desire and experiments to bring us more pleasure in our daily lives.

When: Sunday, March 13 from 1:00-3:00PM EST

Cost: $65

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The Alchemy of Emotions

Workshop - Tues, March 29

Emotions want to move, and when we let them move through us, they transform into something new. Our emotions can also help us access our own aliveness. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions or numb to them, we'll explore practices and perspectives to begin to tap into the life force underneath.

When: Tuesday, March 29 from 7:00-9:00PM EST

Cost: $65

The Inner Marriage (FULL)

Workshop - Begins Tues, May 10

(8 spaces only)

As within, so without. Often we look outside ourselves for the love and structure we yearn for. But this is only a piece of the puzzle. When we nurture our own inner masculine and feminine and tend to their relationship, magic happens. The outside world begins to reflect our more nourished internal world.

This workshop will be comprised of a small, intimate group of women so we can feel free to share our glorious and gnarly parts, celebrate each other's unfolding, and go deep.

There will be teachings, embodied & spiritual practices, writing experiments, and sharing.

When: 3 Tuesdays from 3:00-4:15PM EST on May 10, 17 and 24.

Cost: $210


What it's like to work with me

Amelia is the most disarming and charming host. With her openness, playfulness and immense wisdom (from very practical to very spiritual) she lifts you right up from wherever you are. Spending time in her group is, apart from an immense joy, also an impressive learning curve and freedom and food for my very soul.” 

Joke, evolutionary coach, Belgium

"I haven't had much experience with girl power, which is sad because I'm almost 60. Then I met Amelia. Being in her presence (and golly, I'm talking only virtually) enabled me to access real pride and joy in being a woman. Maybe it was the heart-centered experiments she gave us, the company of the other women or something a bit more magical. Yeah, I think  I'll go with magical because most of the time searching for explanations just ruins the experience."

Amy, writer, New York

"Amelia is an extraordinary person - her depth, richness, openness and belly-laughing sense of fun make her an excellent guide and companion for any exploration into matters personal, spiritual or psychological. Above all, she is a person of heart, and she brings a brilliance and playfulness into her work, and a spontaneity that enable her to pivot to really listen to and build on whatever is being expressed at a given moment in a session. More, she makes me want to take leaps I would not have dared without her."


Joan, Buddhist writer, Tokyo

If you prefer to work one-on-one

If you would prefer time with me one-on-one instead of - or in addition to - webinars and workshops,

please reach out to me at amelia@ameliaperkins.com.

You can also check out Soul Dives.

I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way feels right for you.


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