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Upcoming Women's Workshops

Workshops are a place to experiment, to enter into a spirit of curiosity and self-kindness,

to remember our deepest, most creative selves, and tune in to what lights us up.


          All workshops combine teaching, embodied practices, and writing experiments.                   

And take place over zoom -- for now.


Below, you'll find one hour workshops as well as more intimate, multi-week workshops.

The Inner Marriage
Deep Dive
Workshop Series



This workshop will meet Wednesdays over Zoom for ten weeks.

DATES - Wednesdays for 10 weeks beginning October 11, 2023. The final class will take place on December 20.

TIME - You have the choice between two times: Noon-1:00pm or 5:00-6:00pm Eastern/New York. 

Sessions will be recorded so if you need to miss one, you can watch it later.

EARLY BIRD PRICE - $495 or three payments of $165. After October 4, the price will increase to $555 or three payments of $185.

You'll also have option of having discounted sessions with me until the end of the year.

Choose an option from the green buttons below to sign up:

My Tantra tradition teaches that we all have masculine and feminine qualities and energetics within us. Not in the cliche cultural sense but in an archetypal energetic way.

The relationship between your inner feminine and your inner masculine is your inner marriage. The inner marriage is worth tending to as your internal relationship dynamics tend to reflect in your outside world. As within. So without.

This workshop is about reclaiming both our sovereign beautiful inner masculine and our inner feminine. If either is left out in the cold, we often feel stuck.

As we mature these aspects of ourself and get them back into right relationship, it effects all areas of our life for the good: our relationships, creative lives, our ability to make money, and put our work out into the world.

And simply put: life gets so much easier and more delightfully magical when we learn how these qualities can work together in the most fruitful way. It’s an absolute game changer.


  • are looking for love and want to set themselves up for a beautiful co-creative partnership

  • are in a relationship and want to shift the current dynamic toward something more nourishing and pleasure-filled

  • yearn reconnect with their inspiration and their own power source within

  • desire a different way of moving in the world that is dynamic and inspired but avoids burn-out

  • are having trouble getting on purpose or putting their ideas out into the world

  • want to get their creative work into the world

  • yearn to feel supported by the universe and feel like someone or something has their back

  • are feeling stuck and want to move into spaces where their intuition and deepest knowing can guide them


  • A deep dive into the dynamics of your inner masculine and inner feminine

  • Experiential exercises to heal any rifts in your internal dynamic

  • Magical/energetic techniques to bring on positive change more quickly

  • The secret inner dynamic for contacting creativity and birthing something truly new

  • How to develop a co-creative inner partnership that will also transform you external relationship dynamics

  • A personalized astrological reading to explore the unique flavor of your inner marriage based on your birth chart

  • And more!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at


"This workshop was such a sweet, compelling introduction to the Tantric ideas of the inner masculine and inner feminine. I started out feeling a little fumbly and out of touch with these energies, but with Amelia's combination of teaching, prompting, and experiential work, I got acquainted with a whole inner dynamic full of tenderness and big magic. Part seminar, part healing journey, and part metaphysical play group, this course was eye-opening in the best possible way, where the thing you discover is a new, lushly thrilling power source within." - Zoe, Artist, Western Mass

"Since I have took the Inner Marriage workshop, my relationship with men has begun magically to change. I now see the possibility of attracting and accepting into my life a partner, a strong, clear and noble soul mate who feels honor and devotion for walking the path with me."  - Rosana, Spain

"The course has been a healing process for me. What have been inner compartmentalized parts of me are now connected and integrated in a wonderful way. The process of connecting and integrating has released lots of energy and excitement. I no longer think, feel and act from "an either or space". I have access to all of me. I now feel more grounded, stronger and more joyful. I am forever grateful for Amelia's knowledge and wise guidance."  - Asa, Sweden

The Sanctuary

Meditation & Practice

Workshop for Self-Care

In this one hour workshop, I'll share a practice I learned in the south of France. A lovely taste of a whole-body initiatory process into the revival of the Sacred Temple Arts.


This is a practice to nurture sweetness within, heal any rifts in your internal masculine and feminine (inner marriage). A practice of integration to connect you to your innocence, your beauty, your goodness.

Our time together will be mainly experiential. We'll drop into a space where we can access our body's wisdom. We'll tune into ourselves, the energy of this practice, and download some blessings and courage for our journeys.

This time is for you. You'll have your video off and be in your own space. There will be optional interaction at the end but you are also fully welcome to drop off and stay with your own insights and energy.

Cost: $35

This is a deeply nourishing practice of self-care. Stay tuned to upcoming dates!

Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 5.27.29 PM.png

What it's like to work with me

Amelia is the most disarming and charming host. With her openness, playfulness and immense wisdom (from very practical to very spiritual) she lifts you right up from wherever you are. Spending time in her group is, apart from an immense joy, also an impressive learning curve and freedom and food for my very soul.” 

Joke, evolutionary coach, Belgium

"I haven't had much experience with girl power, which is sad because I'm almost 60. Then I met Amelia. Being in her presence (and golly, I'm talking only virtually) enabled me to access real pride and joy in being a woman. Maybe it was the heart-centered experiments she gave us, the company of the other women or something a bit more magical. Yeah, I think  I'll go with magical because most of the time searching for explanations just ruins the experience."

Amy, writer, New York

"Amelia is an extraordinary person - her depth, richness, openness and belly-laughing sense of fun make her an excellent guide and companion for any exploration into matters personal, spiritual or psychological. Above all, she is a person of heart, and she brings a brilliance and playfulness into her work, and a spontaneity that enable her to pivot to really listen to and build on whatever is being expressed at a given moment in a session. More, she makes me want to take leaps I would not have dared without her."


Joan, Buddhist writer, Tokyo

If you prefer to work one-on-one

If you would prefer time with me one-on-one instead of - or in addition to - webinars and workshops,

please reach out to me at

You can also check out Soul Dives.

I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way feels right!


The Love Experiment

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