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Coaching with a Tantric Twist

I’m here to champion your unique unfolding in the world. And to support you to move toward greater presence, pleasure, and play.

Below you'll find descriptions of Soul Dives, Couples Sessions, and Tantric Coaching for Men.


Feel free to reach out to me at to see if we might be a good fit. Or simply click on the buttons below to go straight to book a session. 


All sessions last one hour and occur over Zoom. I charge a sliding scale and whatever amount you choose is perfect. 


Soul Dives

A Soul Dive is a time to remember and connect to these deep parts of yourself and to your deeper soul desires. In these sessions, we'll plug into your intuition and mine. Depending on what is up for you, we may bring in spiritual and embodied practices, tantric principles, oracles & tarot, karma clearing, and dharma activation.

Soul Dives can be used for weekly or monthly ritual maintenance. Or as a one-off refuge to connect with yourself, feel into your own intuition, and receive insights from your deep self, the universe, and me.

Soul Dives last one hour and occur over Zoom.

Cost: Sliding scale $150 - $300 

If you'd like to give someone a Soul Dive as a gift, the cost is $125 as it's a lovely thing to give a gift. 

"My soul dive reading with Amelia was

one of the most affirming, inspiring, and magical experiences I've had. It confirmed to me that I am on the right path and provided wisdom for the journey."

-Anika, Washington, DC

Couples Sessions

In these sessions, we'll focus on the healing power of pleasure, as well as practices to get connected, increase tenderness, and move into a more experimental space together.


Being in an intimate relationship is one place where we learn about beauty and pleasure, where we practice moving from the contracted world of disappointment or fear to risking saying yes again…yes to being known, to intimacy, to love. That's one reason why intimate relationships are one of the greatest vehicles for transformation on the planet.


Inspired by Tantra and concepts from Integral Relationships, we'll explore practices to support you and your partner to move from a more transactional relationship to a more transformational relationship. Think: moving from interactions about the necessary details of everyday life to deep practices of presence and connection that allow new things to be birthed in your relationship… and leave you renewed, nourished, and more gaga in love. 

Cost: Sliding scale $150 - $300 

"Amelia is the real deal.  I don't say that lightly, I'm not one to like most spiritual guide types.  It can feel like a lot of BS.  But not with Amelia.  There's a quietly shimmering part of me that she reminds me to be in touch with, to remember is there. She brings her whole self to her sessions, she's one of those rare people who can really reach out even over zoom so you can feel her inventive, insightful, magnetic, magical self in the room with you. She's a gorgeous person and you'll leave feeling like you are too."

- Jennie, Boston

Tantric Coaching for Men

One of my favorite tantric principles is "everything is an experiment." Together, we'll feel into what would be most useful to you and then we'll experiment. These sessions can include learning skills, navigating your life from pleasure, tuning into tenderness, and feeling into your desires. We may also experiment with embodied and energetic practices.

I love working with men and creating a safe space to explore and express. All of you is welcome here: your feelings, your questions, your curiosities.  

Cost: Sliding scale $150 - $300 

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