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I’ve spent most of my adult life searching out transformative experiences. To give a taste:  I spent a year as a novice in an Eastern Orthodox convent in Greece searching for God. I spent another year re-growing myself up from newborn to terrible twos to teenager. Most recently, I lived for three years with my Honey in a tiny cabin off the grid with no electricity or running water.


Through all my experimenting — some of which was pleasurable, some hairy, some mixed — I’ve come to believe that often the most profound shifts come — not from self-improvement or battling our way to wholeness — but through a path of pleasure, play, and attention to what lights us up.


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Here’s the thing: The world is on fire. It’s time for more of us to step into our fullness, into our imaginative, creative selves and move forward in all our messy, wild, untamed humanness. To love and be loved deeply. To find creative ways to bring the fullness of our unique selves to the world.




I have a Masters of Theology from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Transformational Leadership and Coaching. I've studied with a number of teachers in the areas of Sexuality & Spirituality, Tantra, Intimacy, Intuition, Karma Clearing, Dharma Activation, Respectful Confrontation, and Emotional Resilience. I spent many years in the inter-religious movement, working with the Parliament of the World's Religions as a liaison to religious and spiritual leaders in Chicago, Melbourne, and around the world.




Most of my offerings center around two main principles: 


The healing power of pleasure. And the idea that everything is an experiment.


We often approach our lives very seriously as though there is a right way to do things. But when we can put aside our perfectionism and step into curiosity, we find there is a lot more space to explore who we are and how we want to be in the world. In this way, we are practicing the art of experimenting, rather than trying to do it right. This creates more spaciousness, more ability to tune into our deeper knowing, our intuition and our desires. There are no bad experiments, just more or less pleasurable ones. 


My goal is to help you become a ninja at accessing your own knowing and creating experiments to move you towards more and more pleasure.


I invite you to check out my upcoming workshops. If you prefer to work one-on-one, have a look here. Or join my mailing list by downloading The Love Experiment. You'll receive occasional thoughts and experiments, as well as news on upcoming workshops.

Amelia embodies intimacy and pleasure.

She creates a space where these subjects

— which for me have been quite complicated — become so natural to explore.

Her loving personality makes you feel at home, accepted, and embraced.

She shows you the way into your own inner space

where you get to explore the mystery of pleasure and the power of your own divine sexuality.

Amelia’s workshops have deepened my connection to my sensuality, and given me access to pleasure, desire, and love. I adore her and her unique work.


- Elisabeth, Holland

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