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I AM as Self-Blessing (I am one bad springtime bitch)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

“I am” is such a powerful statement. A kind of self-magic.

Here's an invitation: write, beginning each sentence with “I am”. Write it as a blessing for yourself. Ponder the questions: What am I truly passionate about? What do I want to experience in my life, in the world? Tap into the deep pure spring inside you, the voice of your heart. Tap into the feeling of springtime when everything is new and growing and possible. Something in the air asks us to be in service to life, to the life force. Feel into all that and write: I am….

Try it! It’s a kind of self-blessing.

Here’s mine:

I am one bad springtime bitch, ripe and flowering with new growth.

I am a wild and transparent offerer of experiences to women and couples.

I am a storyteller who invites women into their naughty and intuitive and creative selves.

I am a friend to the soul — that place of longing and meeting and connecting with something bigger.

I am a seeker, a talker with guides and angels and spirits. I place my trust in them and give them my thanks.

I am a tantric lover who creates experiments to get closer, go deeper, access more parts — the dark and tender places as well and the light and expanded spaces.

I am a friend to nuns and prostitutes and sufi healers and people who devote themselves daily to making the world more kind, more connected.

I am a student of love — learning, slowly, over time to love better and better. This is the great work of my life — to learn to love and be loved.

I am a holder of secrets and wishes and yearnings — my own and others.

I am a nurturer of pleasure. A guide to move through the tight places into bigger and bigger rooms.

I am a lover of Mae West and Gypsy Rose Lee and mystics who love God with such wild, drunken devotion that they literally shine.

I am an unfolding story. I look forward to seeing what will unfold next.

* * *

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* * *

Photo by Veronica Thetis Chlioti (Unsplash)

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