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Inner Marriage
Tantric Deep Dive for Women

Tantra teaches that we all have masculine and feminine qualities and energetics within us. Not in the cliche cultural sense but in an archetypal energetic way.

The relationship between your inner feminine and your inner masculine is your inner marriage. The inner marriage is worth tending to as your internal relationship dynamics reflect in your outside world. As within. So without.

This workshop is about reclaiming both our sovereign beautiful inner masculine and our inner feminine. If either is left out in the cold, we often feel stuck.

in right relationship, we feel vital and alive, and our creations have potency.

As we mature these aspects of ourself and get them back into right relationship, it effects all areas of our life for the good: our relationships, creative lives, our ability to make money, and put our work out into the world.

And simply put: life gets so much easier and more delightfully magical when we learn how these qualities can work together in the most fruitful way.

It’s an absolute game changer.

Inner Marriage work is particularly powerful for women who:

  • are looking for love and want to set themselves up for a beautiful co-creative partnership

  • are in a relationship and want to shift the current dynamic toward something more nourishing and pleasure-filled

  • are having trouble getting on purpose or putting their ideas out into the world

  • want to get their creative work into the world

  • yearn to feel supported by the universe and feel like someone or something has their back

  • are feeling stuck or burnt out and want to move into spaces where their intuition and deepest knowing can guide them


This workshop will include:

  • A deep dive into the dynamics of your inner masculine and inner feminine

  • The secret inner dynamic for contacting creativity and birthing something truly new

  • How to develop a co-creative inner partnership that will also transform you external relationship dynamics

  • Experiential exercises to heal any rifts in your Inner Marriage

  • An exploration of the unique flavor of your own inner marriage based on your astrological birth chart

  • optional one hour private sessions with me to explore any shifts you want to create in your life, how this relates to your inner marriage based on your birth chart, and how to work the internal/external energies to move towards what you want.

Principles that run through the workshops

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Everything is an Experiment

We often take life very seriously, feeling like we have to be perfect with every choice we make. When we can step out of our perfectionism, and into our curiosity, we find there is a lot more space to explore who we are and how we want to be in the world. In this way, we are practicing the art of experimenting, rather than trying to do it right. 


There are no bad experiments. Just more pleasurable and less pleasurable experiments.


The key is to experiment consciously and reflect a little after your experiment: What was that like? What did it stir up? How did you feel? Did it delight you? What did you learn? Is there something you would do differently next time? Did that experiment stir up an idea for a new experiment?


When you experiment, life becomes a constant process of discovery, exploration, and ever-deepening learning. You co-create with life.

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The Healing Power of Pleasure

Pleasure is at the heart of the Tantric Path. It has the capacity to heal. And it’s closely identified with presence and play.


Sometimes we poo-poo or become suspicious of pleasure because we make it too small and narrow. Pleasure is vast and multi-layered. There is the pleasure from our five senses, which we use to truly delight in the world around us. There is the pleasure of insight and learning. There's the pleasure of connecting with something greater than ourselves. Making a contribution is a pleasure. Showing up in the world as our unique selves is a pleasure. Bringing delight, comfort, and pleasure to others is a great, great pleasure.


If you want to change something in your life or your relationship, you can dive deep into your issues or you can move towards what brings you more pleasure. What lights you up. Then, if the issues remain, they are easier to work out because you are operating from a place where your cup is more full.


Tapas & Spanda

You can’t make or demand life force to appear. But you can create the conditions where it is more likely to move through you, bringing with it a greater sense of play, spontaneity, insight, and possibility. 


When you consciously create a container, you are creating a space where something new and unexpected can be born. And what emerges is almost always a surprise.


It may sound paradoxical, but it seems that life force (spanda) likes to have a container (tapas) to move through. It needs a little containment to really let rip. 


This is part of the reason why, when women gather in a ritual way or couples create sacred time to be together, magic happens. 


Creating a container is also a way to connect to our intuition, to our most creative selves. We are all deeply wise and creative when we give ourselves the space to drop in and listen.


“Amelia is profoundly inspiring just to be around,

and I found her workshop deeply nourishing and a total delight.

She is just so good at getting into the places you know you most need to explore,

and leading you there with such compassion and curiosity.

Embodied, expansive, alive, playful, irreverent, wise, and loving:

Amelia is all of these things and more, and with her as our guide,

all of us in the workshop seemed to feel emboldened

to explore, to play, to be real, to be honest, to push through to new places.

I could see the breakthroughs happening in others and could feel them in myself.

I am so grateful to Amelia for sharing her magic with us and for offering the

invitation to approach our lives with the same spirit of curiosity,

experimentation, and self-knowledge she does!”

- Zoe R, writer, LA

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