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Emotional Resiliency & Intimacy Assessment
for individuals and couples

A key aspect of emotional resilience is self awareness. Know thyself!

The more deeply we know ourselves, the more deeply we can navigate the story of our lives and/or the story of our relationships. 

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You (or you or your partner) will receive a number of assessments to fill out, including the NEO-PI-3, a five factor personality assessment, as well as a Values Assessment and a Wheel of Life.


After completing these, you’ll schedule a time with Erik (or Erik and Amelia if you're in a couple) to meet for a 90 minute session to dive deep into your results, as well as potential avenues and practices for transformation and greater resilience. 

What is the NEO-PI-3?

The NEO-PI-3 is the preeminent measure of the Five Factors. The Five Factors are: Emotional Reactivity, Introversion/Extroversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. These  five core dimensions are considered traits and thus predictive of how people tend to think, feel and behave. Some of these tendencies can be changed with awareness and effort and feedback from others.


This larger view of ourselves can support us to make sense of our lives and actions, as well as shed light on interpersonal dynamics —  the situations where they are useful and where they sometimes go awry.


This process highlights that we are all Unique.


Most people find that knowing their unique make-up allows them to:


  • Have greater compassion for themselves and others 

  • Be — and express — more of their unique self

  • Prioritize what is best for them

  • Navigate towards greater resilience

  • Help them find their tribe

  • Have more clarity to create (or co-create) the story of their life

The Process

Once you sign up and pay, Erik or Amelia will be in touch with you by email to send you the assessments. 


Once you have completed the assessments, you can schedule the session with Erik. This meeting will take place over Zoom. You will also receive a written report with your NEO-PI-3 results before your meeting with Erik. This report is based on algorithms from the normative data of research on the NEO-PI-3.


Individuals will meet with Erik for 90 minutes. Couples will meet with Erik and Amelia for 2 hours.


Note for Couples: you will use the same tools with two important additional elements: you will fill out the NEO-PI-3 on your partner as well as on yourself. And… Amelia will also join in the online session where we review your results.

Cost & Sign Up

For Individuals:

Regular: $800 

For Peak Prosperity Participants: $600

For Couples:

Regular: $1400 

For Peak Prosperity Participants: $1050


"As a result of taking the NEO assessment, Barrett Values assessment and Mentoring Wheel 

under the guidance of Kailo Mentoring Group, I had the transformative experience

of not only feeling seen and heard, but also of BEING recognized on a very deep level.

Erik’s added interpretation during mentoring sessions deepened my learning even further. 

The Barrett Values assessment and use of the Mentoring Wheel helped me clarify what my priorities now and moving forward. Erik & Amelia are powerful change agents! Kailo Mentoring Group provides structure, inspiration, practical & creative guidance, heart and meaning,

that I will use and benefit from for many, many years to come."

Lisa Abend, Psychosynthesis coach, actor, producer

"This was a game changer for our relationship. Dynamics that had been mysterious and hard to untangle became clear and much easier to navigate. We also came out with a lot more respect for one another and how unique we each are and how difference is actually a plus for a team or partnership."

Arthur & Julia, Netherlands

Erik Muten, PsyD, MFA
Erik black and white crop.jpeg

Erik has spent his adult life participating in, designing, and leading transformational experiences.

He loves designing tools for transformation towards resilience. These include: taking groups of adolescents into the wilderness of Nova Scotia, over 30,000 hours working with individuals, couples, and families. Erik has also designed and led interactive transformational events for leaders of some of the world's biggest corporations including IBM and CIBC Bank.


His work is informed by over 35 years of study and practice as a psychologist, theater director, and organizational consultant.

Erik is Kailo Mentoring Group's quant. He loves measurement, data, and numbers. Throughout his career, he has identified tools and processes that make "the invisible visible," tools that shift awareness and nurture transformation.

If you are interested in doing Resiliency Assessments for your organization, please contact Erik directly at

Learn more at

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