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12 Forms of Capital 

The Twelve Forms of Capital help us map our understanding of the world. The map clarifies that money is not the only form of capital flowing around and through us.


This map expands the concepts of wealth (and poverty) to include the ‘valuable resources’ of personal connections, natural resources, land, knowledge, experience, and more.


The Twelve Forms of Capital are a comprehensive view of the wealth that matters

for a resilient, soul-infused life.


A Map for Resilience:
an introduction to the 
12 Forms of Capital

Webinar - Sun, April 3 

On the journey towards greater resilience, it’s important to pay attention to our life in its many dimensions.


Often we think of capital as just money or resources. But a truly abundant life is rich in many dimensions: emotional resilience, intimacy, natural resources, applied knowledge, pleasure, and how you spend your precious time on the planet. The 12 forms is a map for assessing - and ultimately authoring - the story of your life.


Hosts: Erik Muten & Amelia Perkins

When: Sunday, April 3 from 2:00-4:00PM Eastern

Cost: $125

Sorry, this workshop is now full.

What participants have to say

“Erik's 12 Forms of Capital is an extraordinary framework for how to uncover, focus, and act on what matters to me. The 12 Forms expands my awareness of the ways in which I place value in living and in life, and deepens my appreciation for what - and who - I truly have and am grateful for.”


- Alex Milne, W. Mass

“The 12 Forms of Capital gave me a map for how to create a sense of resilient abundance in all the areas of my life... as well as marching orders on how to start… now!”” 

Jane Myers, UK

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The 12 Forms of Capital

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